Michelle Obama rocks chopsticks and spicy hotpot with ease
 ECNS        2014-03-28 14:49:00 (Beijing Time)

US first lady Michelle Obama and her family got a taste of famous "Sichuan hotpot" and showed great interest in the local culture on the last day of their visit in Chengdu, the local Chengdu Business Daily.

Shi Yana, a waitress at Damiao Hotpot who speaks English and serves the US Consular staff, was designated to wait on the Obama family on Wednesday night.

"I was awaiting them at the table they had booked," Shi said. Their table was No. 15 in the dining hall.

The restaurant served 11 dishes to the table, which were ordered by the Obama family themselves, according to Shi.

They ordered a two-flavor pot, with spicy and non-spicy soups. What impressed Shi was that the first lady likes spicy food.

And according to Fei Zhiqiang, head chef at the restaurant, the spiciness of the soup served to the Obama family wasn't reduced.

Mrs Obama was also skilled with her chopsticks, said Shi.

Shi added that the family was very refined and courteous during the two-hour meal. "Each time I brought the dishes to their table, they would say 'thank you'," Shi added.


The Obama family is photographed getting a taste of Sichuan hotpot at a restaurant in Chengdu, Sichuan province. (Photo source: the Chengdu Business Daily)

The meal cost the family 1,316 yuan, including 570 yuan on drinks.

Mrs Obama also showed great interest in the Sichuan Opera skill of "Changing Faces," Shi said. "She even put down her chopsticks to concentrate on the show."

The US first lady said the skill was like "magic" while she posed for a group photo after her dinner.

The first lady's visit has created a business opportunity for the restaurant. According to Fan Zongfei, general manager of Damiao, the restaurant may launch a "US First Lady Combo" for guests.

Here is the list of dishes the Obama family ordered:

Australian beef of S-level, 2

Damiao Meatballs served with cilantro

Damiao Tofu Pudding

Quail eggs

Chinese cabbage


Damiao Dried bamboo shoot


Pickles, 5

Dried noodle

Red wine (Jacob's Creek)

Evian Water, 2

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